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I am the ___ of livejournal!

♛. Before you can claim, you must join the community.
♛. Watching the community is not necessary in order to be counted.
♛. This works on a first come, first serve basis.
♛. One person per claim, one claim per person.
♛. Check the claims list before making your claim.
♛. Wait and take the code once you receive a reply of "approved" from a moderator.
♛. You can claim from fandoms such as book/movie/videogame/animanga/tvshow.
♛. No, manga and anime claims are not separate.
♛. Your journal must be active (one year inactivity+ = no claim, dropped claim).
♛. I am the... must be in your subject header.
♛. Character full name (First Name, Last Name) & Fandom must be in your post.
♛. Do not worry about tags. A mod will add them when your claim is accepted.
♛. You may drop and add claims, but try not to do this too often.
♛. You have 7 days to add your claim to a public entry/profile of your journal.
♛. Deleting your journal/leaving this community/not linking back will mean forfeit of your claim.
♛. If you find that someone has the claim you won't and has not linked back, you may stake your claim on that character. Be sure to reference who is the current claimer so mods can double-check.
♛. You MUST link back somewhere!

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moderators: none at the moment

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